For complete water management. It prevent overflow & dry running of your water pump, thus saves water, electricity & manpower. Once you install this system you can relax & enjoy auto working of your pump.


During these days of high rise Buildings, apartments, Commercial houses and Industries, it has become necessary to store water in overhead water storage tanks. Since water pressure in most localities is not sufficient, water is pumped from ground level tank to overhead tank for storage & use. It is very difficult for someone to monitor water level in ground and overhead tanks and switch On OFF water pump accordingly.

Due to ignorance and manual mistakes burning of water pump by dry running, seepages in walls by overflow of water in tanks and so many problems became part of our daily life. To overcome these daily problems TUSHACO is at your service to introduce state of the art digital electronic WATER LEVEL CONTROLLER

TUSHACO has developed water level controller based on digital technology specially designed for automatic operation of water pumps. It is a solid state device which continuously monitors the level of water in both overhead and ground level tanks.

It switches ON whenever water level in overhead tank falls below preset low level and switches OFF whenever water level reaches upto preset maximum level thus prevent overflow of water.

Further if the level of water in the ground level tank falls below a preset low level the pump switches OFF automatically thus prevents dry running of the pump. Again when ground level tank fills upto its maximum level pump switches on , provided upper tank still empty thus ensure availability of water every time.

It can be used with single phase as well as three phase motors with any type and size of the tanks with easy installation. The unit is provided with a By pass switch ( AUTO/MANUAL) and LED display for Function indications.

In other words this simple system eliminates all the problems related with dry running of motor and overflow of water. Once you install this system you can relax and enjoy AUTO WORKING of your PUMP.

This product is designed to automatic control of water pump, which ensures constant availability of water in overhead storage tanks.

Tushaco Automatic water level controller is used to automatically fill the over head tank as and when it gets empty and monitor the water level in it.

Tushaco Automatic water level controller switches ON the motor when the water level in the overhead tank drops below pre fixed low level(ON point) and puts off the motor when water level rises up to pre fixed high level (OFF point) motor also switches off when the sump water is exhausted before filling overhead tank, pump running dry, Mains voltage fluctuations. Special Carbon Electrodes with plastic moulded gives Long life for sensing water level, do not require frequent cleaning or replacement.

No Man power required to operate, as fully automatic
Easy installation and Low maintenance
Advance Technology and simple to use
Increase pump life
Saves water, motor and energy
Increases pump life.
Avoids seepage of water from roofs & walls due to overflowing tanks.
Consume very low energy, ideal for continuous operation.
AUTO / MANUAL switch for watering the plants or car washing from pump.
Low Voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of electrodes in water.


The operation is based on low voltage single sensing of levels. Level Sensors with the rise and fall of liquid level and gives signals to main unit . The signals from the sensors are received by the Main Control Unit (which can be placed as far as 300 meters from the tank). This unit monitors Liquid Levels and provides necessary outputs for Automatic pump operation.

Warranty : along Tushaco Water Level Controllers are provided with One Years warranty against any manufacturing defect. On spot warranty can be avail through authorised dealers or (Defective items should be sent with return postage prepaid) with copy of purchase to our service centre. We assure a quick and satisfactory after sale service to our all customers. Delivery : In case an order is placed on us we usually dispatch goods within one week by suitable courier service or registered post parcel if courier service is not available, after receipt of 100% payment by cash/bank draft along with written order. There might be change in delivery time due to any circumstances and we shall not be responsible for any consequences. Customers are also advised to suggest their preferred courier or transport service.

Automatic Water level Controller for Hotels, Factories, Homes Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Drainages, etc., It can be fixed for single phase motor, Single Phase Submersibles, Three Phase motors. (For 3 Phase and Single Phase Submersible Starter is necessary) and open well, Bore well and Sump. Many models available in different ranges.

Specifications are subject to change in view of continuous efforts for improvements.

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