Close circuit television (CCTV), surveillance system has become one of most important & vital component of security/observation for any modern building and business complexes.

Board Camera : This is the main component of any CCTV camera. It contains a chip that is an Image Sensor. Light passes through Camera Lens and reaches to image sensor then the sensor converts light (photons) into electrons to produce an image.

Scanner Indoor Pan :The product is wall-mounted Indoor PAN/TILT Drive Unit, High-quality motor, Can be directly installed on the PTZ cameras and lenses, and may be used in conjunction with the small guard. it installation with a wiring connector board, connection equipment, to facilitate the demolition. indoor pan/tilt drive uniti itself with a fixed plate, no need for other mounting brackets.

Scanner Outdoor Pan: The camera is a heavy duty pan/tilt easily capable of handling loads up to 100 pounds (45.4 kg). Equipped with high torque AC motors with adjustable worm-gear final drives, this pan/tilt ensures long operational life as well as drift-free operation.

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